Sky Shivers has a Doctorate” in Cow Lot Psychology, a Masters in Colorful Thinking and several “B.S." degrees in Pert Near True Tale Telling. These are only part of the qualifications that make Sky Shivers one of America’s favorite Western Storytellers.

Sky started at an early age on the journey to attain these lofty degrees by hangin’ around cattle auctions, and attendin’ feed store gatherin’s on winter days after the locals had fed up the stock.

Sky even apprenticed as a driver for several years with two highly successful but ethically challenged dealers of second hand mules and horses.

After years of tutelage from “ole men,” each of whom were legendary; Sky now shares his talents of making a true story even truer, puttin’ hair raisin’ excitement into past mediocre events, and creatin’ wondrous works of fiction from pick-up tailgates at gatherings and festivals where a well dressed story is valued.

If you are looking for a speaker to entertain your audience, contact this Oklahoma Cowboy.


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